Corporate Council on Africa U.S.- Africa Business Summit – June the 18th to the 21st 2019 Maputo, Mozambique.

28 Jun 2019

The Corporate Council on Africa (CCA) is a neutral intermediary that connects businesses and government leaders wishing to do business and succeed in Africa. This year, GK Investment Holding Group and Gruppo Ospedaliero San Donato were delighted to be platinum sponsors at the...

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1 Aug 2016

Making responsible investments in Africa that protect African business interests have always been high in my priorities as an entrepreneur. I have tried to make sure that the myriad of investment opportunities I have explored or concluded over the years have brought benefit no...

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20 Mar 2016

On the 20th of March 2016, Chairman Kamel Ghribi returned to his roots with much fanfare and celebration by sponsoring the 60th anniversary celebrations of Tunisian Independence and Russian Business Relations. The backdrop for this dazzling event was the beautiful Four Season...

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21 Nov 2015

MOSCOW, 21st of November 2015: For the third consecutive year, Mr. Kamel Ghribi, was proud to lend his support to the Winter Ball Charitable Foundation. As in past years, Mr. Ghribi was both main sponsor and donor at the event. Ever a firm believer in the importance of philan...

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29 Sep 2015

GK Investment Holding Chairman, Mr. Kamel Ghribi was invited to attend the annual U.N. General Assembly session held in New York. Here he can be seen with some distinguished members of the Malaysian party attending the sessions    Photo:Mr. Kamel Ghribi with Mr. Jusuf Kalla...

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22 Nov 2014

GK Investment Holding Chairman Kamel Ghribi was proud to lend his support to the Winter Ball Charity Foundation in Moscow by donating a magnificent Jewel Bag, which was auctioned on behalf of the foundation. The Jewel Bag itself was created specially for the event and helped ...

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3 Oct 2014

Mr. Kamel Ghribi, was delighted to be among the World’s top financiers this week when he attended the 6th annual ‘Russia Calling’ Investment Forum in Moscow. Among the many guest speakers invited to address the conference, was the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir...

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Charlie Rose Interview with Colonel Gheddafi

18 Aug 2001

In August 2001, one of the most significant historical events took place on United States T.V. Following much behind the scenes wrangling, Kamel Ghribi managed to arrange an exceptional interview with Libyan ruler Colonel Gheddafi for Charlie Rose, the renowned U.S. T.V. jour...

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Middle East Institute Lunch - Washington D.C

18 Dec 1997

On the 18th of December 1997 Kamel Ghribi was invited to attend the Middle East Institute lunch in Washington D.C. The agenda for the meeting was set by the President, Mr. Roscoe S. Suddarth in order to plan the development programme for North Africa. The Institute is famed ...

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The Hilliard Trip to Libya & Tunisia

1 Aug 1997

Throughout the 1980’s tension between the U.S. and Libya was at its apex culminating in the U.S. bombing of Libya in 1986. Relations were naturally strained for years after, until in August 1997, the U.S House of Representatives member Earl Hilliard agreed to travel to Libya f...

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US Senators' Wives trip to Tunisia

1 May 1997

Kamel Ghribi sponsored a delegation of US senators’ wives on their weeklong visit to Tunisia in celebration of the 200th Anniversary commemorating the signature of the first treaty of cooperation between Tunisia and the United States. Proving that business can also lead to ti...

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Turkmenistan and Tunisia Bilateral Business Relations Meeting

24 Mar 1997

As part of his parallel diplomatic activities, Kamel Ghribi has always pushed for bilateral business relations with Tunisia and other nations. Here he can be seen in March 1997 with the former Turkmenistan Minister for Foreign Affairs during a meeting held in Ashgabat. The m...

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A Gala Tribute and Celebration to Honour Congressman Donald M. Payne

15 Mar 1997

On the 15th of March 1997, an extraordinary gala tribute dinner and celebration was organised in honour of U.S. Congressman Donald M. Payne.   The evening was held in recogniniton of the 40 years of exceptional public serivce Congressman Payne had faithfully dedicated to his ...

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USA Workshop for Investment in Tunisia

1 Dec 1996

On the 6th of December 1996, Kamel Ghribi lent his patronage to a group of U.S. delegates travelling to Tunisia. The delegates had been invited to attend the America – Tunisia Investors Forum which was set up to encourage and strengthen the economic ties between the two natio...

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US Strategic Business Trip to Nigeria

1 Feb 1996

From the earliest days of his career, Kamel Ghribi has firmly held the belief that open and honest dialogue is the key to nurturing relationships, not only between individuals but also among nations. In light of this profound belief, he held an exclusive strategic dinner meet...

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First Visit to Libya during US and UN Sanctions

1 Aug 1994

Although U.S. and UN sanctions underwent a period of tightening from 1993 to 1998, behind the scenes diplomatic relations were arguably at their strongest. Thus an invitation was extended to the U.S. to send a group of delegates on a mission to Libya. The aim of these low key...

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