14-15 October 2021
Dubai, UAE
Dubai Expo 2021

Wonderful to have been shown around the Italian pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2021 by the Italian Commissioner General Mr. Paolo Glisenti.
The architecture of the Pavilion reminds us of how much the sea is fabric of the Italian identity, both historically and currently. In particular the three ships' hulls are a reminder of the Italian explorers and the Maritime Republic. We see how the sea represents hope and new horizons, how innovative architecture uses recycled plastic to make nautical ropes. The use of Mediterranean wild plants to evoke the Renaissance was unique while a nod to the future was given by using algae to purify the air.
In recognition and respect for Expo UAE local sand dunes added contour to the overall theme.
In the face of so much innovation we should be proud of Italy and all that it represents. Italy is the Mediterranean bridge reaching out to connect cultures and the Italian Expo Pavilion symbolises this. Thanks to all who made this Pavilion. Not only for the beauty of its design but in the symbolism of rediscovering the importance of our roots.