13 May 2022
Nairobi, Kenya
Signing of a partnership agreement between our subsidiaries GKSD Edile and GKSD Engineering and the Kenyan Ministry of Health

As President of GKSD Holding and Vice President of Gruppo San Donato I was proud to sign a partnership agreement with my fellow Vice President of GSD and President of the San Raffaele University, Paolo Rotelli between our subsidiary companies GKSD Edile and GKSD Engineering with the Kenyan Ministry of Health The agreement was also signed by Head of GKSD Engineering Luigi Bertì and will see, for the first time, an Italian company in full partnership with its Kenyan counterparts, sharing Italian expertise and know-how in the design, construction and overseeing of the project management for a trailblazing hospital facility.  It makes me proud to see an Italian company in Africa, not simply for profit and to exploit an opportunity, but to share expertise and export the essential resources that will benefit its partners such as training and the transfer of technical skills and knowledge that will guarantee an inclusive project and mutual benefits for all.